About ME


Hello, my name is Elise.

I'm a young architect (HMONP) who graduated from the National School of Architecture Paris Malaquais in 2016.

My work is based on different experiences over the past 8 years. My studies started in art school where I studied Applied Arts and had the opportunity to learn different fields of design, from product design and spatial design to visual communication. During these years, I developed my passion for fine arts, spatial design and architecture. It was where I started to build my knowledge and since that time have tried to learn everyday to support my projects with strong and rich concepts. 

After my time in art school, I continued my studies with a BTS Space Design (Interior Architecture) degree where I learned how to understand and use the space around us. It was an intense and educational experience where I developed my work ethic and attention to detail. 

Following my interior architecture degree, I spent one year studying Design and Environment. In that program, I learned how to be rigorous and how to handle a project of global design. I had the chance to work with and meet many inspiring people from the Design and Architecture industry.

After developing my knowledge and skills in design, I entered architecture school in Paris where I could blossom and develop my projects as best I could; however, after two years I decided to supplement my studies in Paris with a new experience at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen. I wanted to experience new cultures and gain extra knowledge and inspiration for my studies. This year abroad allowed me to further develop and grow as an architect. 

Today, with this unique experience, I remain open to new opportunities for learning and discovery. From this experience I now take my new knowledge, new techniques, and new creations and apply them to my continued learning. I can say today that I have an open approach to design and architecture and believe that all of the arts are linked, in one way or another, and this relationship is what makes rich and successful projects.